History of the department

History of the Department

In 2000 at the National University of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy was opened specialty “Biotechnology” and began training a new highly qualified specialist – a biotechnology engineer.

In 2004, the Department of Biotechnology was established as a structural unit of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy. From August 2004 to August 2014, the Department of Biotechnology was located in the medical and biological building of the University on the street. Kulikivska, 12, now the department is located in the chemical-technological building of NUPh on the street Valentinovskaya, 4.

Heads of Department:

2004-2019 Strelnikov Leonid Semenovich – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, First Head of the Department. Founder of the Biotechnological Scientific School Development of traditional and modern biotechnological products and medicines, biologically active additives and functional products” Professor L. Strelnikov – author and co-author of a large number of scientific and educational methodical works, among them scientific articles, abstracts of reports, methodical recommendations, monographs, textbooks, manuals, incl. in English, methodical recommendations.

History of the department

Since 2019, Khokhlenkova Natalia Viktorivna – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor.  Author of more than 250 scientific and educational works. Among them are 1 monograph, 221 scientific works and 34 educational and methodological ones, including scientific works published in domestic and international peer-reviewed professional publications – 66 (including 12 articles in periodicals included in the scientometric database Scopus), 11 patents, 6 information letters about innovations in the health care system, 6 copyright certificates.

History of the department

Since 2004 the Department of Biotechnology is a graduate in the training of students in the field of knowledge “Biotechnology” in the field of training 0514 ” Biotechnology “educational and qualification levels bachelor, specialist and master specialties” Biotechnology “,” Industrial Biotechnology “and” Pharmaceutical Biotechnology “ , since 2015. according to the new list of specialties – in the field of knowledge 16 “Chemical and Bioengineering”, specialty 162 & nbsp; “Biotechnology and Bioengineering” , educational programs Biotechnology “(Degree – bachelor),” Pharmaceutical Biotechnology “and” Industrial Biotechnology “(degree – Master).

The first graduation of 11 specialists in the field of “Industrial Biotechnology” engineers – biotechnologists took place in 2005.

The first staff of the department: Strelnikov Leonid Semenovich (since 2004), Strilets Oksana Petrovna (since 2004), Chikitkina Valentina Vasilevna (2004-2012), Shcherbak Elena Valentinovna (2004-2009), Busigina Irina Eduardovna (2004) -2005), Mansky Alexander Anatolyevich (2004-2006), Ivakhnenko Elena Leonidovna (2004-2017), Kalyuzhnaya Olga Sergeevna (since 2004), Ereshchenko Oksana Antonovna (since 2004), Podolyaka Anna Alexandrovna (2004-2008).

History of the department

In different years at the department worked: Dikhtyarev Sergey Ivanovich (2005-2006), Dolgova Tetyana Anatoliyivna (2005-2009), Alenina Svetlana Borisovna (2005-2006), Dikhtyarev Vladimir Ivanovich (2007-2008), Brechka Natalia Mykhailivna (since 2006), Kabachnyi Hennadiy Ivanovych (2008-2013), Kustova Svitlana Petrovna (since 2008), Rybalkin Mykola Viktorovych (since 2012), Trutaev Ihor Viktorovych (2010-2019), Kozar Valentyna Viktorivna (2012- 2013), Shapovalova Olga Viktorivna (2012-2018), Almakayev Maksym Serhiiovych (since 2012), Begunova Natalia Vlasivna (since 2014), Zabolotna Ella Vadymivna (2013-2015), Shpakova Natalia Mykhailivna (2014-2019), Orlova Natalia Viktorivna ( 2018-2019), Shapkina Olga Oleksandrivna (2018-2019), Boyko Olena Andriivna (2018-2019), Soloviova Alina Volodimirivna (since 2017).

History of the department


Under the leadership of the first head of the department Strelnikov L. formed a scientific school Development of traditional and modern biotechnological products and drugs, biologically active additives and functional products
purpose “, which currently includes the following research areas: development of the composition and technology of drugs of both synthetic origin and on the basis of biotechnological objects; study of biological properties of probiotic cultures, bacteriophages in order to create modern biotechnological drugs of domestic production in the framework of import substitution; development and improvement of methods of biosynthesis of biologically active substances (BAS); development and improvement of nutrient media for the cultivation of biological objects in order to accumulate BAS; development of new and improvement of existing recipes and technologies of functional foods with therapeutic and prophylactic properties; & nbsp; environmental technologies, improvement of biological wastewater treatment methods; food quality assessment; hygienic assessment of environmental objects.

Scientific achievements of the department include: production and creation of traditional and modern biotechnological drugs, promising biologically active substances, food biotechnology products, including healthy food, environmental biotechnology and environmental technologies, biotechnology in crop, livestock and veterinary medicine, nano etc.

Scientific works in these areas are performed in cooperation with domestic and foreign research organizations and educational institutions: V.Ya. Danilevsky Research Institute of Endocrine Pathology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Odessa Branch of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas of NAS of Ukraine, “, SI” Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology. prof. E. Sytenko Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine “, Ukrainian Order” Badge of Honor “of the Research Institute of Forestry and Agroforestry named after GM Vysotsky State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture named after Vasylenko, Lublin Medical University (Uniwersytet Medyczny w Lublinie).

2 doctoral and 5 candidate dissertations were defended on the research topics of the scientific school; 2 candidate dissertations are being completed.

Among the dissertations defended in the areas of scientific school are the following :

Candidate’s dissertations : “Development of composition and technology of soft dosage form with staphylococcal bacteriophage” by Tkach Maksym Mykolayovych under the supervision of Dr. Pharm. n., prof. Strelnikova LS (2009);

“Development of composition and technology of suppositories with probiotics” Kalyuzhna Olga Sergeevna under the direction of Dr. Pharm. s., prof. Strelnikov  L. S. (2010);

“Development of the composition and technology of medical foam with a complex of bacteriophages” Ereshchenko Oksana Antonovna under the direction of Dr. Pharm. s., prof. Strelnikova LS (2010);

“Development of the composition and technology of the allergen solution” Candidasin “for the immunodiagnosis of candidiasis” by Rybalkin Mykola Viktorovych under the direction of Dr. Med. s., prof. Filimonova N.I (2011);

“Development of composition and technology of soft dosage form with cathiazine” Ivakhnenko Olena Leonidivna under the direction of Dr. Pharm. s., prof. Strilets O. P. (2015);

“Development of composition and technology of new drug with probiotic for dermatological deaseases” Soloviova Alina Volodimirivna, tutor PhD, assosiate professor Kaliuzhnaia Olha  (2023);

doctoral dissertations : “Scientific and experimental substantiation of the composition and technology of combined tablet dosage forms of antihypertensive action” Sagittarius Oksana Petrovna, scientific consultant – Dr. Pharm. s., prof. Strelnikov LS (2013);

“Development of the composition and technology of the solution of immunobiological drug for the prevention and treatment of candidiasis” Rybalkina Mykola Viktorovych , scientific consultant – Dr. med. s., prof. Filimonova NI (2018).

To date, in the scientific areas of biotechnology school at the Department of Biotechnology NUPh performed 2 dissertations:

The biotechnological scientific school has the following scientific works in its collection: scientific articles – 136, including foreign – 41, patents – 25, information letters – 5, monographs – 6, articles in SFU – 1, about 500 theses.

We’re proud of them – our students:

It is young and talented people, many of whom are our students, and whose education and discovery is our task, who are able to do a lot in science and in their professional activities. Therefore, the implementation of research work by students with the presentation of their own results at conferences, seminars, concourses are an important step in the development of their future professional skills, and the incentive and their interest in participating in competitions begins with the first steps in the student scientific society.

So, today students of the SNT circle of the Department of Biotechnology are involved in:

in competitions of student research papers – All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in natural, technical and human sciences in the specialty “Biotechnology”; Kharkiv regional competition of student research papers in natural, technical and human sciences; City competition of student projects “Kharkiv – a city of youth initiatives”; International Competition of Student Scientific Works “Black Sea Science 2019”;

in Olympiads of different levels – I and II rounds of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Biotechnology and Bioengineering;

in conferences, congresses, seminars , annually taking part in the Scientific-practical conference with international participation “Scientific and technical progress and optimization of technological processes of drug development” (m. Ternopil); International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference “Biotechnology: Experience, Traditions and Innovations”, (Kyiv); International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Students, initiated by the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan – Elbasy and the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy “Prospects for the Development of Biology, Medicine and Pharmacy” (Shymkent); International Scientific And Practical Conference Of Young Scientists And Student (Section 7. Modern biotechnology) (Kharkiv), etc.

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